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We ‘R’ Painters
Owner: Daniel Erickson

Professional residential painting service for your home, condo, apartment, or office.

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Phone number: 226-505-3261
E-mail: werpainters@protonmail.com

What we offer

Our services include:

  • Preparation work
  • Prompt, efficient, professional service
  • Flexible work hours, including evenings and weekends.
  • Tidy up on a daily basis and after job cleanup
  • Experienced and highly recommended
  • Quality professional workmanship at reasonable prices
  • References available upon request



The large amount of natural lighting entering this hallway demands a great paint job.

With prep work, repairs, and painting complete – this basement is now ready to be used as  a comfortable living area

This closet was in poor condition and was in need of a lot of work.

With the proper repair work and a new paint job the closet looks great and we have yet another happy customer!

The room has been freshly painted but a pole acting as a center piece needs touch ups to bring everything together.

As we can see the smallest details can make a BIG difference!

Our homes age with us, therefor next time you get your teeth whitened, how about getting your ceiling whitened as well!

Being skilled with the tools of the trade makes for an efficient day.

Old (yet perfectly good trim) being given new life.

A dinning area can look more closed in than it has to due to darker paint. A skilled painter can really open up the area.

Freshen up the windows, do a few repairs, and go with a lighter more modern colour if you so choose for a great finish. As a local professional painter to the Kitchener and Cambridge area it is my pleasure to make rooms like this look bright again.

This is a great example of spot priming. After the repair work is completed a thin layer of paint is carefully rolled onto the repair. Spot priming is a professional painting technique that creates a better finish. I carefully spot prime every repair, taking the time and attention necessary to bring about the positive change customers are looking for. Please take note of how crisp and clean my cut-ins are at the baseboards and ceilings.


We ‘R’ Painters is owned and operated by Daniel Erickson and is a registered business operating in the Waterloo region of Ontario.             At We ‘R’ Painters we take pride in our work. Only time and attention to detail create a quality product. We treat your home like we would treat our own!  We use only high quality paints and supplies.

In the end the paint job is what says it all, it is the final step to a home makeover. It is what your friends, family, and neighbours are going to see. We take your home and our work seriously.

Our mission statement is simple and value based:                                                “Service & Integrity”.